Who We Are:

The National Coalition Building Institute of Rochester, N.Y., Inc. (NCBI Rochester) is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, affiliated with NCBI International, whose mission is to eliminate racism and all forms of oppression and discrimination. NCBI International has chapters in the U.S., South America, and Europe, and college affiliates across the U.S.
(To learn more about NCBI International visit www.NCBI.org)

NCBI Rochester creates vital collaborations with not-for-profit, public, business, and community organizations.

NCBI works from the premise that people are more open to dialogue when they feel valued and appreciated, not when they are made to feel guilty. We are skilled in creating a climate where everyone and every group are welcomed as vital contributors to the issues before us. Such an approach is also useful from an organizational perspective, whether questioning prevailing norms and beliefs or challenging oppressive systems.


NCBI Rochester will be a trusted voice in facilitating leadership development and training for diversity, cultural humility, and community building in the greater Rochester, NY area.


The mission of NCBI Rochester is to educate and nurture leaders who become powerful cross-cultural allies in eliminating prejudice, oppression and other forms of mistreatment.

Behaviors We Strive Toward:

  • Modeling in our individual relationships what we most yearn for in a community
  • Creating safe space to take risks, listen, and learn from each other
  • Linking individuals and groups to champion what is best for all
  • Demonstrating the transformative power of healing, individually and collectively
  • Breaking the cycle of fear that keeps us from our true selves and from each other
  • Knowing that we can achieve anything by remembering who we are and what we are capable of becoming

What Our Attendees Are Saying:

…I gained an understanding of how racism is part of our culture and my unknowing participation in it.

First-time Attendee

…The idea of generational trauma and PTSS gave me a context as to how it manifests.

Nonprofit Staff Member

…I’ve been part of many trainings on DEI, but this format and curriculum made me review myself, my actions and viewpoints. A great use of my time.

Diversity Advocate

…The knowledge we gained in this short period of time has left me full of grace and understanding.

Faith Leader

…I enjoyed the pace of the presentation, the conversations as well as the expertise and vulnerability of the facilitators.

Outreach Worker

…I gained so much insight and courage to make change.

Workshop Participant

…I appreciated the opportunity for paired conversations to get to know the perspectives of other participants.

Nonprofit Employee

…I realize I need to do a lot more internal work in this area. I appreciate the tremendous wisdom and invaluable thoughts that came from personal sharing.

Nonprofit Manager

…It is inspiring to be in the company of other men who care deeply about this topic. I’m not as isolated as I once thought.

Former Director of Staff Development and Training

“…Although we have all been hurt by patriarchy and masculinity, we are making brave efforts to change ourselves and the world.

Retired County Probation Officer

…This workshop has helped me to have closer connections with women in my life.

City Resident