It’s painful to witness the degree of anger, glee, hostility and disconnect we’ve been hurling at each other across the political landscape. Are we that estranged from seeing the inconsistencies in our behaviors that we project them on to others without a second thought? The wider the range and complexity of issues before us, the easier it is to resort to anger or descend into hopelessness.

It doesn’t have to be that way. We could start by being gentle with ourselves. We are complex human beings. Easy answers and quick fixes are not the solution, despite the rhetoric urging us in that direction. We could use a hand in becoming more self-aware. We might take better care of ourselves, learn to slow down and see one another as more fully human than our snap judgments would lead us to believe. Patience, generosity, listening to and appreciating what someone has to say can break down walls of indifference. We claim others have erected those walls only to discover the truth lies in ourselves. Giving up is easy. Closing our minds is easy. Forgiving one another is not so easy. Forging relationships is not so easy. It takes time, commitment and most of all desire. Eating a good dose of humble pie may be a healthy antidote to the pickle we’re in.