“I was looking for an entity to provide staff development in skill building to bring people together and create coalitions. I was referred to NCBI by two different colleagues and was not disappointed. Examining issues of differences, privilege, oppression, and recordings is not an easy task, but one that is vital to the work that we do. NCBI facilitates these discussions in a nonjudgmental manner that acknowledges the value of each individual, encourages listening and teaches skills for having difficult conversations and building allies.”

– Sue Davin, President/Chief Executive Officer (former), The Community Place of Greater Rochester, Inc.


“NCBI has been an essential partner of the YWCA in building internal strengths of our staff. They have been flexible with our work requirements and always willing to accommodate our needs. With so many of our program participants being women and girls of color, the ability to address issues of race and diversity are critical to our success and the success of those we serve.”

– Jean Carroll, Executive Director, The YWCA of Rochester and Monroe County


“My participation in the NCBI training model provided an innovative, engaging, dialogue-based approach to diversity. The trainings easily break down barriers to communication resulting in heartfelt discussions and self-reflection. Such training has assisted me in becoming more reflective, as I continue my daily learning journey to ultimately become a better person than the day before. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to participate in such a powerful learning experience. It is my hope that many more will experience the powerful learning, which I experienced through the support of such nurturing and caring facilitators.”

– Dr. Tyra Lewis, Executive Director of Coaching and Diversity-Centered Leadership, Rochester City School District


“For the past few years, NCBI leaders have led workshops that have deepened my students’ understanding of the multicultural diversity that surrounds them. As future community leaders, their work with NCBI facilitators has had a profound impact on their growing compassion and desire to take action to craft a more socially just world as they enter the teaching profession and continue to grow as human beings. As one Asian-American student put it, ‘this workshop informed us about recordings and how we perceive certain identities [I have learned that] confronting our own recordings is a way to begin healing from them and effectively empower our students to do the same.’ ”

– Dr. James Wood, Professor (former), St. John Fisher College


“In the current global economic climate, it is imperative that everyone becomes willing to seriously recognize the need to partner and collaborate more to address our common issues. NCBI workshops are designed to help us drop our personal baggage and work collectively and creatively to solve the problems facing our community.  All service providers and funders need this training as a means to look at ourselves, accept others and build upon our different strengths. I am very grateful for the skill sets that NCBI brings to us.”

– John Blackwell, Director of Family Support Services (former), Boys and Girls Club of Rochester


“I so value the group setting and the feeling of safety the NCBI facilitators create. I appreciate that I have the opportunity to stand face to face with another and get to know that person as an individual. I love this connection I experience during the trainings. As a result walk around downtown Rochester with a different attitude since participating in NCBI workshops on diversity. 1100k people in the face and smile – open to who they might be as individuals. I watch as my own judgments and prejudices come to light and increasingly fall away.”

– Linda Rock, Program Participant