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“I have had the opportunity to work with NCBI Rochester on two different racial equity series through the Henrietta Public Library and the Monroe Library System. The first series was entitled “Diversity, Intersectionality and Privilege” and NCBI was a presenter as well as a contributor in helping to design  the series to make it the most effective in reaching library staff in our region. As everyone regrouped over the summer due to the Corona Virus pandemic in March, NCBI proved to be resilient and pivoted to turn their in-person workshop into an interactive virtual experience. NCBI provided an open learning environment around hard topics critical for many organizations across the region coming to terms with issues of diversity, inclusion, and racial equity in our country. I would recommend any organization that is able to, to work with NCBI. They will only be better for it.”

Alicia Reinhardt

Assistant Director, Henrietta Public Library


“The NCBI team delivered a half-day training on “TEAMING” and a subsequent day-long workshop titled “Welcome to Diversity” for our City change team members, many of whom had never worked together prior to their team appointments. Throughout these interactions, the NCBI team proved culturally competent, empathetic, and committed to organizational transformation.”

Lomax R. Campbell, Ed.D, DMgt, PMP, LSSBB, RYT

Director, Office of Community Wealth Building |Business and Community Services Center Information Services, City of Rochester


“NCBI’s diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts have tremendously supported both my workplace, Helen and Gertrude (H&G) and the Rochester Advertising Federation (RAF) where I serve on the board. The workshop on “Perspective, Power and Privilege at Work” made us think about how our personal backgrounds and experiences reflect those of the places we work. “From ISMS to Allies: Using Power and Privilege for Good” explored how isms lock power and privilege in place and how we can leverage that to be allies to individuals and groups targeted by racism. Overall, we walked away with a greater sense of shared responsibility for creating thoughtful, welcoming workplaces.”

Jillian Duff


“The sisters of St. Joseph of Rochester have been greatly served by NCBI Rochester over the years. Most recently, NCBI designed a Cultural Audit for members of our congregation, ministry directors and employees. The audit has helped us examine our own biases, prejudices and privilege. The initial 4 part series went so well that a second series was designed to bring more people into the process.”

Sister Marilyn Pray, Counselor

Sisters of St. Joseph of Rochester


“I learned how to slow down and meet people where they are. I learned more about allyship as a process and an action rather than as an idea. Working with NCBI has been great because it can make a tangible difference in our community. One thing we can do in our everyday lives is challenge assumptions and microaggressions in the moment in order to build a better community with not only access, but inclusion.”

 Natalia Quevedo-De La Espriella

Student, St. John Fisher College


“St. John Fisher College has partnered with NCBI on multiple occasions, and NCBI has impacted students, staff and faculty through their workshops, as well as other forms of community leadership and participation. My class partnered with NCBI on a project to develop their library of online resources, which will increase the ability of the community to virtually access those resources, while maintaining an interactive, experiential approach to teaching. Providing close interaction with experts is one of the many resources NCBI provides to Fisher campus. Staff have also participated in workshops on bias and other topics through NCBI, working through our own challenges and improving our abilities to conduct our professions in a more equitable manner.”

Dr. Jenna Rossi

Associate Professor Chair | Department of American Studies InterimChair | African American Studies Program  | St. John Fisher College