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Facilitated by Steve Jarose and Laura Robinson

Finding the humanity of the person beneath the label is perhaps the most difficult challenge of our times. It takes trust, courage, and compassion to break through our own resistance and that of the person we see as other.

This series pulls together the work and writings of visionaries who share a common approach to living and being in community. Their work is both revolutionary and transformative. Join us as we learn, share, practice and remind ourselves of something we always knew…we belong together. 

1. VISION  (Friday, January 27)   

2. TRUST  (Friday, February 10)      

3. COMPASSION & EMPATHY  (Friday, February 24)      

4. COURAGE (Friday, March 10)         

5. ENGAGEMENT  (Friday, March 24)       

  • 9AM – 11AM
  • Zoom Workshop
  • $20 each / $80 All 5 sessions
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