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The National Coalition Building Institute of Rochester, NY & St. John Fisher College Office of Multicultural Affairs & Diversity Programs offer a Free Workshop for Men

Men & Media: Moving the dial from where we are to who we want to be

As men, we have a responsibility to challenge the ways we hold positions of power & privilege which come at great cost to us & those who care about us. We will examine the common beliefs that men are smarter, better leaders & superior in all ways to women & to people who identify beyond the male-female binary.

Through interactive activities, we will explore how media promote male dominance & what we can do to redefine our role in order to create a more just society for everyone.

We will explore these questions:

1. What do I want my kids to say about me while I’m alive?
2. What do I want the women in my life to say about me regarding our relationship?
3. What do I want the men in my life to say about me?

Many thanks to St. John Fisher & the Office of Multicultural Affairs & Diversity Programs.  Due to their generosity, this program is presented without charge.


To Register:

contact Myrani Jackson at (585) 224-7320 mjackson@starbridgeinc.org

For further information

contact Steve Jarose (585) 224-7238 or sjarose.ncbi@gmail.com