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The February Institute was sold-out! Don’t wait; register today so you don’t miss your chance to attend our signature diversity and inclusion training.

NCBI’s Online Leadership for Diversity Institute is a three-day leadership training in diversity, equity, and inclusion. In large group classes, participants learn a replicable set of practical skills; then in small group sessions, there is an opportunity to practice the skills with support and encouragement from others.

What you will learn

A. How to Integrate a Powerful Set of Diversity Skills into your Leadership

  • Valuing and welcoming similarities and differences among group members and staff
  • Examining the misinformation and unconscious bias that impacts our behavior toward others
  • Understanding the role identity plays in leadership
  • Identifying the harmful effects of oppression on one’s own group
  • Preventing and interrupting bigoted remarks and behaviors
  • Learning how to be an ally to all groups

B. How to Gain Greater Support for your Leadership on Diversity Issues

Participants practice how to implement NCBI skills and practices in their own workplace and community settings. Individual coaching is provided in these skills

  • Leading effective meetings that include everyone’s voice
  • Building a team of support for one’s own leadership
  • Structuring effective, respectful conversations about difference and
  • Increasing cultural competency

C. How to Listen to Concerns Underneath Controversial Issues

  • Participants learn skills to move hotly contested issues forward and then reframe the conversation in a way that builds bridges.

D. How to Partner with NCBI to Build a Local Community, Campus or Organizational affiliate to Institutionalize the Skills.

Cherie and Joyce have accumulated a wealth of knowledge, skills, and experience that they cannot wait to share with you at the Online Leadership for Diversity Institute this May 4-6, 2021.You don’t want to miss it.
You can read their bios by clicking on their names below.
Institute Leaders: Cherie Brown 
and Joyce Shabazz