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The National Coalition Building Institute, Rochester, NY Inc. presents:
Taking the Road Less Traveled: Hidden Byways of Unconscious Bias

Human biases are ingrained and universal. Our brains are hard-wired to make decisions to save ourselves effort and time. We make assumptions and take actions based on bias, even when we think we don’t!

This workshop takes us from the smooth highways of automatic thinking to the hidden byways where we can safely explore our unconscious assumptions. Participants will apply material to our own experiences when we have been targeted by bias or have perpetuated it.

We will examine Matt Taibbi’s How the Media’s 10 Rules of Hate Sow Discord and Make Us Despise One Another. We will practice skills to recognize and speak to unconscious bias.

  • The Workshop will provide us with opportunities to:
  • Develop safe, brave spaces to explore unconscious bias.
  • Engage in self-reflection.
  • Demonstrate how media bias perpetuates antagonism between groups with differing points of view.
  • Apply intervention strategies that minimize the effects of bias.
Click here to register.  You will have the option to pay on-line or by check.
For more information, contact Pat Willis at 585-313-1047 or willis.patricia908@gmail.com