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The National Coalition Building Institute, Rochester, NY Inc. presents:

WELCOMING DIVERSITY: Chaos or Community? The Choice is Ours

Schools, organizations and corporations must be inclusive if they are to succeed and thrive. A new leadership is emerging which:

  • Welcomes diversity of thought, perspective, and expression
  • Fosters group cohesion and productivity
  • Enhances culturally responsive service delivery
  • Encourages collaboration between internal and external customers

Please join with us as we examine what truly diverse work and learning environments can look like. What does it take to create and sustain them? We have planned a day of hands-on skills-building and engagements that cut through differences of race, gender, age, ability, language, distance, faith, education, and class, in ways that promote inclusion and equity for all.

Fee: $95 per person (group, student and senior rates are available, as well as a limited number of scholarships)

Click here to register.  You will have the option to pay on-line or by check.
For more information, contact Pat Willis at 585-313-1047 or willis.patricia908@gmail.com